Aguerro - Emilio Pena's second and command. He is also a traitor to their cause, and attempts to burn Brisco, Poole, Dixie, and Comet alive in a barn.

Al - One of the Tataglia's hired thugs.
Episode: Wild Card.

The Amazing Rocket Car - Professor Wickwire's rocket was converted, with Brisco's help, to run on rails. Brisco uses it to catch Big Smith and his gang after they have stolen a train. The professor toured the west selling rides for 5 cents each until its final use to destroy the Mobile Battle Wagon.

The Amazing Inner Space Suite - Professor Wickwire's diving suite that was used by Jack Randolph to attempt to retrieve the stolen treasury plates from the sunken city of Graves End.

Agent Ashenden - FBI Internal Security. He warns Socrates and Bowler of Deputy Directory Isaac Turner plan to kill Emma Steed.
Episode: Stagecoach.

Ashok - The outgoing Indian (no, the other kind) driver of the stage taking Brisco and Emma Steed to Mexicali. He meets an untimely demise mysteriously at the hands of an assassin after Miss Steed.
Episode: Stagecoach.


Frenchie Bearpaux - Played by Ray Bumatai.
Episode: Ned Zed.

Big Ed - One of Blackbeard Lacutte's Pirate band.
Episode: Pirates!.

Capt. Franklin Boggs - The captain of the ship that the Trahern family took to Kansas City on their way west. Due to his negligence, the ship burned and sunk and wiped out the Trahern family, leaving only the Trahern children alive. Boggs spent three years i the state penitentiary and is still haunted by the accident. He worked for a while at Roy's Fish Shop, but can now be found drunk down at the Deep Six Tavern. Played by Ryan Cutrona.
Episode: The Brooklyn Dodgers.

U.S. Attorney Ginger Breakstone - The enigmatic Government official works diligently with his agents to fight crime in the west. He travels in a black coach and appears without warning. His stoic exterior encapsulates a man that has absolutely no sense of humor what so ever. Perhaps this is a by-product of growing up with a name like Ginger... Played by Ashby Adams.

Uncle Brendan - Uncle to the Trahern kids. He gets custody of them after a shipwreck wipes out the clan Trahern. He leaves them in a Brooklyn orphanage while he goes out West to prospect. He opens the Eden Mines, worth $3,000,000 and leaves it to the kids when he dies.
Episode: The Brooklyn Dodgers.

Agent Brown - A rogue government agent that leads a small band of agents that want to use the Orbs to rule the world. Played by Kevin Lowe.
Episode: Pilot.


Central Valley Stage Company - The stage line that carried Brisco and his prisoner Emma Steed to Mexicali. Also the line that Bowler and Brisco were protecting when Dixie robbed it.
Episode: Stagecoach, Wild Card.

Chabuko Canyon - The hiding place of Pete Hutter's stolen rifles, and the location of a showdown between the forces of General Zaca and Emilio Pena.

City Livery and Stable - The stable where Comet was housed when in San Francisco.
Episode: Pilot.

President Grover Cleveland - The President of the United States at Brisco's time. He recruits Brisco and Bowler into government service after Bly is finished. Played by Richard Herd
Episode: Bye Bly.

Professor Ogden Coles - Professor Coles has conducted much research into the powers of the mysterious orbs. His background is shrouded in secrecy, but his knowledge is quite extensive. Even the good professor is corrupted by the orb's power when he uses it to help a loved one. Played by Brandon Maggart - and I bet you didn't know that he's Fiona Apple's father, did ya?
Episode: The Orb Scholar.

Jonah Collier - Reporter for the San Francisco Gazette. He is often critical of the Westerfield Club and refers to Socrates as their "lap dog". Played by Dan Gerrity.
Episode: Pilot.

Marshal Brisco County, Sr. - One of the Greatest Lawmen the West has ever known and father of Brisco. Killed by John Bly and his "Gang of Twelve" in an ambush. Some animosity remained between Brisco and his father at the time of his death. The life of a Marshal didn't allow much time for raising children. Brisco begins to learn of the difficulties such a life presents and finds a better understanding of his father. Played by R. Lee Ermey.
Episode: Pilot.

Dixie Cousins - Dixie's sister and owner of the Dolly Cousins Casino in Reno. She is a singer and has a habit of wanting everything that Dixie has - including Brisco. Did I mention that she invented neon lights?
Episode: Wild Card.

Dolly Cousins Casino - A casino in Reno that is owned by Dolly and stolen by Dino Tataglia. Brisco, Socrates, Bowler and Whip help to get it back.
Episode: Wild Card.