John Bly's Gang of Twelve

Big Smith - Big Smith leads a gang that controls a massive chinese slave trade with the railroad and is Bly's right hand man. Big is also Dixie's boy friend when Brisco meets her. The Scarred Foot Clan is their sworn enemy. Four of Big's best men are Pete Hutter, Scratchy and "those other two..." Brisco does them in in a gunfight - which of course he doesn't even draw his gun in. Played by M.C. Gainey.
Episode: Pilot.

Jack Randolph - The most notorious master thief of his time, Jack Randolph, together with Pete Hutter, stole treasury plates with which he could create millions in counterfeit money. After being captured by Brisco, he hires Iphigenia Poole to defend him. He seduces her and she breaks him out. In the end, Randolph finds a watery grave at the sunken town of Grave's End while trying drown Brisco.

Brett Bones - The most gentlemanly member of Bly's gang, Bones is a riverboat gambler. He has taken over the town of Gateway and carries a pardon from the Governor of Louisiana that allows him to do as he pleases. He kills Luther Turner and hustles Socrates in a card game which brings Brisco to town on his trail. His pride and joy is his campion boxer, Dynamite Sullivan. He is arrested when he is tricked to leave the state and can be punished for his many crimes. Played by Xander Berkeley.
Episode: Riverboat.

Blackbeard Lacutte - A bottom feeding caribbean pirate that was chased off the high seas and now terrorizes the Wild West. He carries a $25,000 bounty on his head. He and his crew of cutthroats roam the Nevada wilderness in a armoured wagon with a large cannon on it. His dream is to raise enough money to build an invincible warship and return to the high seas. Lacutte brings about his own end in quicksand while running from Brisco. He goes down trying to pull Brisco with him instead of trying to save himself. Played by Andrew Divoff.
Episode: Pirates!.

Juno Dawkins -

Doc McCoy -

Pepe Bendix - The last of Bly's gang of twelve to be dealt with. He is a master safe cracker, but he gets in over his head when Agent Brown recruits him to steal the orb. He is shot in cold blood by Brown after delivering the orb. Played by Stewart Bick.
Episode: Bye Bly.

Ned Zed -