Parker Hamilton - Captured by the Spanish and charged with espionage, he is to be traded back to the United States for Emma Steed. He has information that can stop a war between the two countries.
Episode: Stagecoach.

The Harem Club - Situated in lovely downtown Powder Springs, it features a stage show with dancing girls and stuffed camels. You got to love that!
Episode: The Brooklyn Dodgers.

Mr. Hatchet - Brett Bones henchman, Hatchet is an expert at throwing hand axes. Played by Don Stroud.
Episode: Riverboat.

Helena Bend - A town where the Swill Brothers burned the orphanage, prompting Brisco get back on their trail.
Episode: No Man's Land.

Hard Rock - population: 388. The town where Brisco and Bowler go to help Bowler's old flame Lenore. Roy Hondo has set up his protection agency there. The Sheriff is Aaron Viva.
Episode: Hard Rock.

Heart Canyon - Brisco tells Bowler that Jack Randolph has a hideout in North West corner. Actually the only thing there is a Bee Farm, as Bowler soon learns!
Episode: Socrates' Sister.

Heartbreak Hotel - located (where else) in Hard Rock.
Episode: Hard Rock.

Roy Hondo - Known in dodge city as "The Reaper", Hondo is an ice cold killing machine. After doing time in Uma State Prison, he moves to Hard Rock where he opens Hondo Security. He collects $100 a month from the towns people to protect them from a gang headed by Dan Gage. Gage is actually on the take from Hondo and attacks the businesses he tells him to. Hondo is also the father of Whip Morgan and killed his brother who was raising Whip.
Episode: Hard Rock.

Hondo Security - An extortion business in the town of Hard Rock run by Roy Hondo. You pay Hondo $100 a month and nobody messes with you. You don't and you get burned out!
Episode: Hard Rock.

The Horseshoe Club - San Francisco's nighttime place to play! It doubles as the epicenter for Brisco activity. He meets Professor Wickwire there, sees Dixie there for the first time, Owens worked there, etc...

Hose - One of General Zaca's guards who Dixie took out with a vase.

Sherrif Hyde - Sherif of Midnightville, he ends up in a body cast after an accident with a salt shaker and Deputy O'Donnell, she says it was an accident. He is terrified of being in a confined space, which is why his hate of being buried alive in Donald Grayson's tomb is particularly cruel. He had arrested Grayson after the murder of his wife some years before.
Episode: Bad Luck Betty.


Jalisco - A small town in Mexico which is General Zaca's seat of power.

Governor Jensen - The Governor of Nevada that was indited on 3 counts of bribery. He had "dirty" money delivered through Poole so that the Tataglias could take over Reno.
Episode: Wild Card.

Donovan Joe - A childhood friend of Brisco, Donovan Joe set him up in a ambush with the Swill Brothers while they both worked as trackers for Brisco's father. When Brisco and Donovan's paths cross again, Donovan Joe has become the Sheriff of Poker Flats and has allied himself with Bly to get Brisco off his trail forever - even though Brisco has since forgiven him. Played by Pat Skipper.
Episode: The Orb Scholar.

Johnnies - Irish gangsters from Brooklyn, they work for Mr. McDowell.
Episode: The Brooklyn Dodgers.


K.C. - The saloon owner and greeter of "guests" to the town of No Man's Land. Played by Brook Susan Parker
Episode: No Man's Land.

Karina - From the year 5502, she comes back to help Brisco change history and stop Bly. She can help, but she can't directly influence the past. She is one of the people who created the orbs. Played by Melanie Smith
Episode: Bye Bly.

Francis Killbridge - Played by Paul Brinegar.
Episode: Pilot.

Sheriff King - A sheriff from Colorado that puts Brisco on the trail of Bly and into Poker Flats.
Episode: The Orb Scholar.