Main Characters

Brisco County, Jr. Brisco is the son of Marshal Brisco County, Sr. and Grace County. He went to seven years of college at Harvard where he earned a law degree. When asked why he doesn't practice he replies, "Tried it, didn't care for it." After the murder of his father by John Bly and his Gang of 12, Brisco has sworn to continue his fathers work and track down Bly and his band. With his trusty horse, Comet, he travels the west always looking for "the coming thing". His keen intellect serves him as well as his fathers carved ivory handled six shooter, which he is an expert with. Played by the one and only Bruce Campbell.

Lord Bowler - His real name is James Lonefeather. Originally, he was Brisco's competitor for the job as private bounty hunter for the Westerfield Club. He soon becomes Brisco's "faithful sidekick" after Brisco and he strike a deal where they work together to catch Bly and Bowler gets to keep the bounties. Bowler served in the Cavalry and still wears his striped uniform pants. Bowler's tough exterior and gruff personality is offset by his stylish house on Knob Hill which holds his crystal collection. Bowler often discusses his plans to open a winery upon retirement. Bowler also "sings like an angel" after singing with his mother in the church choir. Lord Bowler - Man Hunter - is truly a renaissance man. Played by Julius Carry.

John Bly - The quintessential devil in these matters. Bly is the mastermind behind all types of criminal activity all in an effort to obtain the elusive orbs. Bly dies the first time from a fall after a fight with Brisco. Brisco brings him back while changing history to save Bowler. Bly is final destroyed by an orb rod wielded by Brisco. Played by Billy Drago, whose real name is Billy Eugene Burrows.

Comet - Brisco's faithful, though sometimes selfish and stubborn, horse. Will do most anything for a green apple. Did I mention that he can talk to Brisco or that he thinks he is a person?

Dixie Cousins Brisco's girl. A singer and woman of the West, Dixie is well acquainted with getting what she wants. She also has an amazing habit of showing up in the most interesting places. Even with her Mae West image, she still posses a softer side and a heart of gold. The only question in her life is if she and Brisco will ever have time... Played by the vivacious Kelly Rutherford

Whip Morgan - A young hot head that reminds Brisco of himself at a younger age. He was raised by his uncle after his mother died and his father abandoned him. His uncle was killed later by Roy Hondo - his brother and Whip's father. His real name is William Stafford Hondo. Whip returns to help Brisco and Bowler put Hondo away for good. Whip returns to help Dolly Cousins win by her casino from the Tataglias. Played by Jeff Phillips.

Pete Hutter - Played by our favorite Ausi - John Pyper-Ferguson.

Socrates Poole - He is the Westfield Club's attorney and handles Brisco and becomes his close friend. He has a yearning to be more like the Brisco and Bowler, but just can't quite shake his "white bread" persona. He goes on to work directly for the Prisedent as a liaison to Brisco and Bowler on their government missions. He likes golf and develops a liking for the slots. Played by Christian Clemenson.

Professor Albert Wickwire - Played by John Astin.