Mrs. Van Allen - The key witness in Donlad Grayson's murder trial. This Midnightville resident is haunted by him again when he returns from the dead. She can't swim and is terribly afraid of the water. Grayson's vengeance is to tie her in a sinking boat in Carson Pond. She was never married, but is still called Mrs. Hmmmm... that's what I call strange!
Episode: Bad Luck Betty.

Sheriff Aaron Viva - The Sheriff of Hard Rock and a heck of an Elvis impersonator. He is an expert in hand to hand combat, eats like a horse, and inserts lines from the King's tunes whenever possible in conversation. Played by Gary Hudson.
Episode: Hard Rock.


Warehouse #10 - History records that this is the place where Bly captures the Orb and returns to the future to start his 2000 year reign of terror - at least until Brisco rewrote the history books and finally destroys Bly here!
Episode: Bye Bly.

Alex Webster - the attorney in Midnightville that Socrates clerked for before moving to San Francisco.
Episode: Bad Luck Betty.

Weaber - One of Blackbeard Lacutte's pirate crew. He is cot stealing booty and tossed into quicksand with an anchor.
Episode: Pirates!.

The Westerfield Club -

Amanda Wickwire - Daughter of Professor Wickwire. She rather rough and tumble with mean right cross - if a bad aim with it. Played by Anne Tremko.
Episode: Pilot.

Simon Wolfe - The sleazy fellow that runs the orphanage that the Trahern children live in. He attempts to steal their inheritance by posing as Richard Trahern and claiming the children are dead. He gets his when the Johnnies, who he has a $50,000 gambling debt to, shoot him so they can get the inheritance for themselves. Played by Sam Anderson.
Episode: The Brooklyn Dodgers.

Sheriff Worth - Played by Herman Poppe.
Episode: The Orb Scholar.


Yazman - an outlaw that Brisco and Bowler capture. For some reason he really gets to Bowler. In fact, every time Bowler sees him, his eyes bulge out, he starts grinding his teeth, and the blood quits going to his brain. The last time we see Yazman he's laid out unconscious in the street after being thrown through a window by Bowler.
Episode: The Brooklyn Dodgers.


General Zaca - The General is a bit insecure, so it's best to complement him at all times. He has several wives which he can't always recall. They include Marta, Margaret, and Rose. He attempts to buy stolen Winchesters from Pete Hutter, but is foiled by Brisco. He is the sworn enemy of Emilio Pena.