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The Pilot Episode

Originally Aired 8/27/93

Ch. 1 - The Blast Supper
Ch. 2 - Scarred Feet, Turn Up The Heat
Ch. 3 - Hot Flames, Two Dames and Loose Reins
Ch. 4 - Lowdown Showdown
Ch. 5 - Yell To Your Horse
Ch. 6 - Spur of The Moment
Ch. 7 - Grave Peril

When U.S. Marshal Brisco County, Sr. is murdered by John Bly and his gang of outlaws, the robber barons of San Francisco's Westerfield Club hire Brisco County, Jr. as a bounty hunter to round them up. Brisco meets a lot of interesting people along the way, including rival bounty hunter Lord Bowler, and the Westerfield Club's stuffy lawyer, Socrates Poole. He also learns of a mysterious object which John Bly would do anything to possess, for the supernatural power it can give him.

California, 1893.
This is where it all begins! We get to meet all the main characters and the story of the orb begins. It is interesting to notice Brisco's uncustomary behavior at the beginning of the pilot. He's rude and cocky to the "Robber Barons" of the Westerfield Club and flippant to Socrates. By the end of the two hour episode though, he's the charismatic matinee idol we all know and love.
Oh, and yes - for all you old wrestling fans out there - that is Terry Funk as the defendant in the court room.

Brisco and Dixie are caught in a compromising position.
Pete and the rest of Big's gang.
Brisco and the orb...
Fighting the Scarred Foot Clan!

Brisco Almost Dies By:

  • Falling with Socrates into a cart full of pitchforks.
  • Kung-foo fighting on a bed a red hot coles.
  • Diving from a runaway stage with Miss Dixie.
  • Getting shot In a gunfight with Pete and the rest of Big's gang.
  • He and Bowler getting a train's cow catch in the caboose.
  • Being thrown from the same train by Big.
  • The same train becomes a runaway and goes over a cliff.
  • and finally, getting beat up by a really really strong old man.


  • We get a feel for the unassuming, business like personality of Marshall Brisco County from his conversation with a story hunting reporter on the train:
    Reporter: "Is that the famous gun I've heard so much about?"
    Brisco, Sr.: "Just an ordinary peace keeper with a pretty handle Mr. Collier."
    Reporter: "Well, its beautiful."
    Brisco, Sr.: "Maybe so, that doesn't make it shoot any straighter. That's all I have to say on the subject."

  • A classic Pete as he's about to shoot Brisco who is posing as Roscoe Meriwether:
    Pete: "Dixie, I'm kinda a stickler for gun safety. Could you move a little to the left?"
    Dixie: "Don't you get it? He's somebody."
    Pete: "Sorry Dixie, existential thought doesn't hold much water out here in the territories."

  • A good exchange between Brisco and Amanda Wickwire:
    Amanda: "What's your name?"
    Brisco: "Brisco County."
    Amanda: "Is that where your from?"
    Brisco: "No, that's who I am."

Writers: David Simkins, Jeffrey Boam and Carlton Cuse
Director: Bryan Spicer

Special Guest Stars
Billy DragoJohn Bly
John AstinProfessor Albert Wickwire
Guest Stars
R. Lee ErmeyBrisco County, Sr.
M.C. GaineyBig Smith
John Pyper-FergusonPete Hutter
Kelly RutherfordDixie Cousins
Anne TremkoAmanda Wickwire
Stuart WhitmanGranville Thorogood
Rayford BarnesSherman Paulson
Paul BrinegarFrancis Killbridge
James DruryEthan Emerson
Robert FullerKenyon Drummond
James HongLee Pow
Kevin LoweAgent Brown
Carlton CuseOwens

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