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Originally Aired 11/19/93

Ch. 1 - Steel Horses
Ch. 2 - Sleazy Riders

Writer: Tom Chehak
Director: Kim Manners

Brisco and Bowler try to capture Bly gang member Juno Dawkins, and recover the prototype motorcycles he's stolen from the robber barons. Dawkins plans to use them to intercept a government wagon transporting the orb.

The heist!
Juno Dawkins' Gang.
Brisco, Bowler and the Professor discuss their strategy.
The Schwenke Sister's take matters into their own hands!
The professor unveils his handy work.
Brisco and Bowler in hot pursuit!

Special Guest Stars
John AstinProfessor Albert Wickwire
Don Michael PaulJuno Dawkins
Guest Stars
James GreeneMr. Cartwright
Geoffrey BlakeBeck
Brian CousinsHans
Josh RichmanAngel
Cory EversonKatrina Schwenke
Cameo KneuerIlsa Schwenke

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