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Originally Aired 1/7/94

Ch. 1 - Rub a Dub Dub, Watch Out For The Tub
Ch. 2 - A Day At The Beach

Brisco, Bowler and Socrates attend a convention of bounty hunters, where the guests soon start being murdered, one by one.

This storyline is clearly a take off on one of my favorite Agatha Chritie novels and a spiffy movie The Ten Little Indians and the countless spin offs of it. Its a mystery in the classic sense, complete with an old hotel, thunderstorms, and secrete passages. A good who-done-it!

A little rock-paper-scissors for the bed?
Furlong takes a bit of offense with Brisco.
The end of Bowler, tied to the back of a gun range target?
The question is can Socrates shoot straight!
Some tries to do in Brisco in a thunderstorm!
Bowler meets the business end of the "shock pistol".

Brisco Almost Kisses the Baby By:

  • Blown up in his room.
  • Electrocuted in a thunderstorm.
  • and Bowler almost takes a bullet - that is if Socrates can hit the target...


  • When they find Sam Travis' remains in a bath tub:
    Bowler: "What happened?"
    Brisco: "Sam took an acid trip."

  • And after drinking the drugged drink:
    Rosalind: "I guess I haven't had champagne in a long time... Whats going on? ... You know your kinda cute Bowler!"... BOOM!

  • After being shot from the shock gun (and my favorite moment in Brisco history!):
    Brisco: "Are you ok."
    Bowler: "D...D...D...Damn!"

  • When he catches Sam:
    Brisco: "Sam, mentally I think you've thrown a shoe."

Writer: James L. Novack
Director: Kim Manners

Guest Stars
Johnathon SchaechNevada Cooper
Clare WrenRosalind Peters
Morgan WoodwardSam Travis
Ian OgilvyFurlong
Clement von FranckensteinDr. Ambrose Curber
Rex LinnMountain McClain
David YouseTodd the Desk Clerk
J.G. HertzlerEdward Hayes/Myron Stempler
Luis ContherasEl Gato
Robert WinleySnakeskinner

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