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Originally Aired 1/14/94

Ch. 1 - Boiling Point
Ch. 2 - Future Shock

Brisco and Bowler come to the aid of Professor Coles, who is being pursued relentlessly by John Bly for the orb in his possession.

Brisco's destiny with the orb takes another turn. Brisco is worried that Professor Coles and the Orb he possess have fallen into Bly's hands when he receives a message from Coles daughter. Poole also has a destiny with the orb that he plays out in delivering Brisco "the key". We learn that Bly is actually from the year 2506 and has returned to steal the Orb and then head back to the future to rule with its power. Brisco thinks that he has finally defeated Bly but learns that they will meet again in one final battle. This is a beautifully goofy episode which is countered by the big dual with Bly at the end. A favorite!

Bowler gets goofy with Comet.
The "Good Looking" Gang gets the drop on the boys.
Brisco and Bowler get away - barely.
Searching Devil's Cavern.
Bly get the Orb!
The Orb gets Bly!

Brisco Almost Pushes Up Daisies By:

  • Blown up in boiler room explosion.
  • psychicly zapped by Bly.


  • After their first encounter with the gang:
    Brisco: "Is it me or was that the best looking gang you've ever seen?"
    Bowler: "Brisco, this business is getting too darn glamourous!"

Writer: Kathryn Baker
Director: Michael Caffey

Special Guest Star
Billy DragoJohn Bly
Guest Stars
Terri IvensLillian Coles
Brandon MaggartProfessor Ogden Coles
Wolf LarsonBerkey
Dan BlomLars
Blake BaileyMaxfield
Greg ThomsenBruno

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