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Originally Aired 2/4/94

Ch. 1 - A Grizzly Situation
Ch. 2 - Hondo Accord

Brisco and Bowler try to stop Roy Hondo, a thug charging the citizens of Hard Rock for his "protection" services. Bowler reunites with a old flame, while Brisco discourages Whip Morgan from instigating a suicidal showdown with Hondo.

Welcome to Hard Rock! What a great episode! We get to meet Sheriff Aaron Viva (my personal favorite character in the entire series), an Elvis knock off that can eat as well as he can "use his stuff" in hand to hand action. Whip Morgan also shows up for the first time. We get to see that Bowler is not the big, cynical, brooding, tough guy we though he was. All in all, its big fun - pass me a few cow pies, would you?

Brisco in action!
An old flame still burns bright.
Sheriff Viva shoots it out!
"Give me a home where the buffalo roam... in the ghetto..."
Roy Hondo gets his.
Aaron Viva's day glasses.

Brisco Almost Gets the Ax By:

  • Actually, with the exception of the occasional gun fight, he gets through this one pretty easily!

Coming Things

  • Drive through dining.
  • Cow pie (hamburgers).
  • Day glasses (sunglasses).


  • As he and Brisco leave to capture gages gang, he tells Whip and Viva:
    Bowler: "Watchin' Lenore ain't wasteful and I'm gonna hold you two personally responsible for her safety."
    Viva: "Ahhhh... you don't have to worry about a thing. Jr. and me are gonna TCB"
    Bowler: "TCB?"
    Viva: "Take care of business!"

  • After Whip mouths off to Hondo:
    Whip: "Come on Brisco, all I did was tell him what's what!"
    Brisco: "All you did was tell him the plan. It's a real basic thing about being a good guy - you don't tell the bad guy the plan!"

  • Lenore cooks for Bowler:
    Bowler: "What is this?"
    Lenore: "A new kinda sandwich I came up with."
    Bowler: "It tastes like steak only soft."
    Lenore: "Its ground up then grilled. Sheriff Viva can eat ten of them."
    Bowler: "What do you call it?"
    Lenore: "Well, it looks like a pie and it comes from a cow. I was thinking of calling it a cow pie!"
    Bowler: "No, I don't think that's the right name for it."

Writer: John McNamara
Director: Joseph L. Scanlan

Guest Stars
Gary HudsonSheriff Aaron Viva
Jeff PhillipsWhip Morgan
Nicolas SurovyRoy Hondo
JoNell KennedyLenore Raymond
Hawthorne JamesDan Gage
William FrankfatherSonny Red

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