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Originally Aired 2/11/94

Ch. 1 - Heavy Metal
Ch. 2 - Top of The World, Ma

Brisco and Bowler help two young heirs make their way to San Francisco to collect their inheritance. A New York crime boss sends his henchmen to steal the inheritance from them.

A very interesting episode - and different too. Two parallel stories are going on as Brisco and Bowler help the kids get to San Francisco and fight off the Johnnies, while Socrates searches to prove the identity of Wolf and unfolds a story of family tragedy. We also see Boggs who is haunted by his past - his living hell is rather dark for the show. Finally, the two stories meet in a truly warm fuzzy moment when the kids and mother are reunited. I laughed - I cheered - I cried!

Brisco gets roughed up by the Johnnies.
Girls with guns!
Brisco finally gets his hands on Billy Monahan.
Billy gets his!
Socrates on the trail of the Traherns.
Family reunion.

Brisco Almost Takes A Dirt Nap By:

  • Shot in the heart (several times) by the Johnnies.
  • Beat to death by same.
  • Getting knifed by same.
  • Getting thrown off building by same.

Coming Things

  • Sushi bars.
  • Efficiency - it is the wave of the future.


  • When the Trahern kids steal the guys horses - the first time:
    Bowler: "There going in circles."
    Brisco: "Of course there going in circles. Do you think Comet would let them get too far ahead?"
    Bowler: "You taught him that!?!"
    Brisco: "No. He picked it up from some filly in Kansas City."

  • When the Trahern kids steal the guys horses - the second time:
    Brisco: "Oh, good! You hear me step on a twig, but you don't hear Tommy and Shannon!"
    Bowler: "Children should be seen and not heard."
    Brisco: "Even when they ride off on our horses?"
    Bowler: "What!?!"

Writer: Donald Marcus
Director: Kim Manners

Guest Stars
Michael CadeTommy Trahern
Clark BrollyBilly Monahan
Mercedes Alicia McNabShannon Trahern
Sam AndersonSimon Wolfe
Clyde KusatsuRoy Shimamura
Kenneth TigarFlint

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