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Originally Aired 9/3/93

Ch. 1 - Our Ace In A Hole
Ch. 2 - R.S.V.P. to R.I.P.

Brisco follows a lead on Bly to the town of Poker Flats. He finds Bly, the orb, and an old friend who once left him to die at the hands of the Swill brothers.

In this episode we get a glimpse into Brisco's past, and a taste of his future. Brisco and Bowler's rivalry begins to take on the feeling of a partnership. At the end of the show they even ride off together with Brisco asking Bowler where he's going. He replies that he's just going wait for Brisco to get on Bly's trail and then follow him. Bowler is also touched as Brisco lies dying. He even sings amazing grace "like and angel" to comfort him. We do get to see a softer side of Bowler. Also, we learn more about the orb, and of Brisco's destiny with it.

Bowler in action!
The power of the Orb.
Brisco and Bowler doin' time.
Bly shoots Brisco!

Brisco Almost Meets His Maker By:

  • Being shot and left for dead by the Swill Brothers in a flashback.
  • Being dropped down a well by Donovan Joe and Bly, then being swept away in an underground river.
  • Being unceremoniously shot by Bly.


  • Bowler gets highly irate - as he is prone to do - when he thinks Brisco is moving in on his bounty.
    Bowler: "Let me tell you something County, I am hot on Bly's trail. I got here ahead of you and I'm not gonna sit still while you come waltzing in here with your late arivin', fast talkin', bullet duckin' act and go behind my back and right under my nose to rob me of my rightful bounty!"

  • Professor Coles meets Lord Bowler:
    Coles: "That's a completely fictitious title, I presume."
    Bowler: "No, I just made it up!"

Writer: Carlton Cuse
Director: Andy Tennant

Special Guest Stars
Robert PicardoPuel
Billy DragoJohn Bly
Guest Stars
Brandon MaggartProfessor Ogden Coles
Pat SkipperDonovan Joe
David YouseTodd the Waiter

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