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Originally Aired 2/18/94

Ch. 1 - As Time Goes Bly
Ch. 2 - Bye Bly

A woman from the future aids Brisco in his final confrontation with Bly.

This is it! The final showdown with Bly and the end of the orbs. We finally learn what the orbs truly are and where they came from - even if we don't understand the explanation! Bowler discusses retirement. He ponders a life on a winery in Napa Valley. This is the "Bowler dies" episode. It makes for high drama. After Bly and the orbs are gone, the boys get a new mission from the President himself. So, the story goes on!

Brisco surprised!
The guys meet the President.
Bowler is dead!
Brisco decides to do something about it!
Brisco gets powered up to fight Bly.
The power of the orb!
Bly takes one last dive.
Bly dead - the first time.

Brisco Almost Kisses the Baby By:

  • Getting shot through by Bly.
  • Being psycho-blasted by Bly repeatedly.

Coming Things

  • Time travel.
  • Wine in the Napa Valley.


  • After Karina makes a surprising and rather revealing appearance in Brisco's room.
    Karina: "I'm from the future. My name is Karina."
    Brisco: "And in the future you've kinda given up on clothes?"
    Karina: "Oh, no. We wear clothes, its just easier for long distance time travel. No clothes, no jewelery."
    Brisco: "Fascinating."

  • When Bowler is pulled from his bed for a late night meeting with Brisco:
    Bowler: "This better be good!"
    Brisco: "It's very good."
    Bowler: "Ten minutes ago I was probably having the best dream of my life!"
    Brisco: "If it's got anything to do with cabernet grapes, I'm not interested."
    Bowler: "It had to do with a South Seas island, a dugout canoe, and a little native girl named Kiki - Huh Huh Huh!"

  • Bowlers last words:
    Bowler: "Thanks for being my friend Brisco."

  • As Bowler, Socrates and Brisco watch Karina prepare for time travel:
    Bowler: "Damn."
    Brisco: "Now, its just anatomy guys..."
    Bowler: "And it sure looks real good on her!"

Writer: Carlton Cuse
Director: Kim Manners

Special Guest Star
Billy DragoJohn Bly
Guest Stars
Melanie SmithKarina
Richard HerdPresident Cleveland
Stewart BickPepe Bendix
Kevin LoweAgent Brown
Dennis CockrumRichard Grimes

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