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Originally Aired 3/11/94

Ch. 1 - I'll Be Sawing You In All The Old Familiar Places
Ch. 2 - When All Is Zed And Done

Brisco is on the trail of Ned Zed, notorious bank robber and member of John Bly's gang. Along the way he runs into Frances, his old college flame.

A cute flashback episode. It opens with a father and son on a fishing trip in the "Wild West". The father is reading a dime novel about brisco and bowler to his son before bed. The father narrates the entire show. Interestingly, the episode opens with the same segment that first introduced us to Brisco - the card cheating with the Mexican bandits and getting hung with Comet. Brisco and Bowler are not yet partners though they do work together. And we get a glimpse of Brisco's past when he runs into another old flame.

Frank and his dad reading the Adventures of Brisco.
Frenchy tries to pull a classic lumberyard trick.
Bowler takes a low blow for the team - ouch!
There's a metal man in there.
Ned behind bars!
Brisco and Bowler drop by Frankie's room.

Brisco Almost Does the Afterlife Two-step By:

  • Blown up on a wagon full of dynamite.
  • Split by a log cutter.
  • Shot by some robber after payroll money.
  • Snapped in a bear trap by Frenchy.
  • Shot by the Amazing Machinery Gun.

Coming Things

  • The Amazing Machinery Gun (machine gun).


  • After Brisco runs into his old flame:
    Brisco: "Of all the saw mills in all the lumber towns, why did I have to walk into hers?"

  • When Brisco comes back from the dead and catches Frenchy pampering his stuffed bear:
    Brisco: "Frenchy!"
    Frenchy: "It cannot be!"
    Brisco: "Drop the brush and step away from the bear."

Writer: Jeffrey Boam
Director: Bryan Spicer

Special Guest Stars
Casey SiemaszkoNed Zed
Brenda BakkeFrances McCabe
Guest Stars
Ray BumataiFrenchy Bearpaux
Frederick CoffinFather
Phillip Van DykeSon (Frankie)
James DruryEthan Emerson

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