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Originally Aired 4/1/94

Ch. 1 - Babe Scoping
Ch. 2 - A Kiss Before Dying

Brisco transports a lady spy to Mexico via stagecoach for a prisoner exchange, unaware that an assassin is among the passengers.

This is one of the guys new government missions. Brisco has to unravel the mystery behind Emma Steed, Secret Agent Person. As with all good spy stories, nothing is what it seems. There is so much good stuff in this episode! I think the one thing that takes the cake is Dr. Milo's Beatle-ized words over the grave (see quotes below).

The stage to Mexicali rolls through!
Pete and Owen up to their old tricks.
Pete's trap backfires. What's with him and the rocks?
Pete cleverly tricks the stage into stopping. What a wild and crazy guy!
Brisco hangs on for dear life!
Pete should have never taken this job.
The gang pays their last respects for a fallen heroine.
Emma cheats death again - thanks to Brisco.

Brisco Almost Gets Snuffed By:

  • Being shot by assassin.
  • Shot by Pete.
  • Drugged by kiss.
  • Crushed by Huge rolling bolder.
  • Fighting with assassin.
  • Falling into a well.

Coming Things

  • Stand up comedy.
  • Convenience Stores.


  • Bobby yells out to the Ashok, driver of the stage, telling him not to leave:
    Bobby: "Hey, you got one more chief!"
    Ashok: "Wrong kind of Indian."

  • Pete makes a speach to Owen about being hired to stop the coach:
    Pete: "That's why they came to Pete Hutter. Because they know if your gonna pull off this type of operations, what you need is big rocks!"

  • Dr. Milo speaks over the grave of the poisoned trapper:
    Dr. Milo: "It's alright... When I... When I find myself in times of trouble, I say, boy you gotta carry that weight. I am he - you are he - you are me - we are all together, speaking words of wisdom come together right now.

  • After Brisco wakes up finding himself handcuffed to Mrs. Plowright instead of Miss Steed:
    Bowler: "That's the thing about Brisco... He's fairly reliable, but you gotta watch him with the women."

Writer: Jeffrey Vlaming
Director: Felix Enriquez Alcala

Special Guest Star
John Pyper-FergusonPete Hutter
Guest Stars
Aries SpearsBobby Swan
Lisa CollinsEmma Steed
Debra Jo RuppMs. Plowright
Timothy LearyDr. Milo
Carlton CuseOwen
Shelley MalilAshok
Richard McGonagleAshenden

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