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Originally Aired 4/8/94

Ch. 1 - Magnum Force
Ch. 2 - House of Cards

Brisco and Bowler try to help Dixie and her sister Dolly get back the casino which was swindled away from Dolly by a mobster's son. Whip Morgan lends a hand.

This episode we get to see Whip Morgan again and meet Dixie's sister Dolly. Organized crime is once again on the loose in the Old West, but Brisco is up to the task. One interesting thing is when Whip goes for Dixie and brags to Brisco about her look meaning "breakfast in bed." Brisco informs him that Dixie is his girl, and Whip gets busy apologizing!

Dixie the bandit?
The Cousins sisters.
Dolly gets sweet on Brisco.
Whip gets sweet on Dixie.
Dixie just loves it when he rescues her.
The high stakes game of cards.
Brisco and Whip enjoy the show.
Sister act.

Brisco Almost Cashes In His Chips By:

  • Being shot repeatedly.
  • Being blow up by nitro in a champagne bottle.

Coming Things

  • Electric Lights.
  • Gambling in Reno.
  • Gambler's Anonymous.


  • Brisco and Bowler discuss all the bad guys they've put away while on the trail:
    Brisco: "All right Bowler, I got one for ya... Who was the meanest outlaw?"
    Bowler: "Blackbeard LaCutte - no doubt about it. Quickest draw?"
    Brisco: "Ummm... Utah Johnny Montana. Ok, I got a good one. Who was the Smartest? ...and you can't count Bly, he was from the future."
    Bowler: "Doc McCoy."
    Brisco: "Ok!"
    Bowler: "The dumbest?"
    Both: "Hehe... The Swills!"

  • Dolly and Dixie finally talk it out:
    Dolly: "Are you mad at me Dixie?"
    Dixie: "Why would I be?"
    Dolly: "I don't know... stealing your man maybe?"
    Dixie: "We've been sisters for a long time Dolly. From where I stand it just more of the same."
    Dolly: "Meaning?"
    Dixie: "Meaning you've always wanted whatever I had. I became a singer, you became a singer. I moved out West you moved out West. I was abducted by Comanches, YOU where abducted by Comanches!"

  • Enzio and Brisco negotiate a solution to their problems:
    Enzio: "In my country we have a saying. If you yodel in the forest, the yoo-hoo that you yoo-hoo is the yoo-hoo that you get back."
    Brisco: "What does that mean?"

Writer: Brad Kern & John Wirth
Director: Larry Shaw

Special Guest Star
Kelly RutherfordDixie Cousins
Guest Stars
Jeff PhillipsWhip Morgan
Elaine HendrixDolly Cousins
Louis GiambalvoEnzio Tataglia
Paul Ben-VictorJoey Tataglia
Peter DobsonDino Tataglia

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