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Originally Aired 4/22/94

Ch. 1 - Missed Carriage of Justice
Ch. 2 - Up Hutter's Creek Without a Paddle

Brisco, Bowler, Whip and Dixie try to protect a baby, who happens to be a future Emperor, that was left in their charge by Pete Hutter. The situation stirs up memories for Brisco of his mother's death.

We get another glimpse into Brisco's past. We finally learn the "great service" that Brisco, Sr. did for Lee Pow. We also learn the high price for that service. A good episode - all in all. Its rather serious and other than Pete's antics after hours (days?) of diabolical tortured, the action and dialog is played out pretty strait. Also, Brisco and Dixie's feeling are fully exposed. *sigh*

Brisco after a baby snatcher!
Chinese water torture - good choice for destroying mind...
Pete demands an air screw to take him to a better place.
Everybody was kung-foo fighting!
Brisco and Chan have it out.
ahhhh - Dix.

Brisco Almost Buys The Rice Patty By:

  • Chinese throwing stars.
  • Run down by ice wagon.
  • Repeatedly beaten to death by ninja.

Coming Things

  • Not a one - unless you count the air screw, but that is credited to the renascence artist and inventor Le-a-nare-do Dar-Vinchee.


  • While taking care of the baby:
    Dixie: "Look, i want no part of this. I'm not against parenthood as an institution, but i'm not ready to be institutionalized."

  • On meeting Lee Pow:
    Lee Pow: "Ah, Brisco County, Jr. and Lord Bowler. Have a cookie. They're stale, but the fortunes are still fresh... Do not be dismayed so quickly. Let me teach you and old Chinese trick. Add the the words 'between the sheets' to your fortune. It enhances it greatly."
    Bowler: "Things are looking up.... hehehehehe"

  • Brisco saves Dixie and the baby at embassy:
    Brisco: "Forget the sheets, I'll get you out of here."
    Dixie: "I just love it when you rescue me!"

Writer: Tracy Friedman
Director: Kevin S. Bright

Special Guest Stars
Kelly RutherfordDixie Cousins
John Pyper-FergusonPete Hutter
James HongLee Pow
Guest Stars
Jeff PhillipsWhip Morgan
Tzi MaChan
David YouseTodd the Caterer
Peter DennisReginald

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