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Originally Aired 4/29/94

Ch. 1 - It Only Hearse When I Laugh
Ch. 2 - A Grave Situation

Brisco, Bowler and Whip track a kidnapped Socrates to Midnightville, a small town with some very strange residents. The clumsy deputy "helps" them in their search.

Its Socrates birthday! Somebody has a diabolical calibration planned for him. This episode is pretty much the height of silliness. Everyone in Midnightville is ... well, strange. Just like the sign says. I especially love the shower scene strait out of pshyco. Coffee instead of chocolate surup for blood and Betty with a brush instead of Norman with a knife.

Blow out the candles!
A startling discovery.
The Grayson Boarding House - would you sleep here?
Mrs. Van Allen between a leaky boat and the deep blue.
Donald Grayson's revenge.
Back from the dead.

Brisco Is Almost Laid To Rest By:

  • Shot by Diana Grayson.

Coming Things

  • Rain bath - shower.
  • Horseless carriage - electric car.


  • After being shown to the restroom:
    Diana: "Why, do believe in life after death Mr. County?
    Brisco: "I don't shut the door on anything - except the bathroom."

  • After hearing a description of the "ghost hearse":
    Bowler: "Who ever heard of a horseless hearse?"

  • When Diana speaks in both her personalities about killing everyone:
    Brisco: "...And first prize as Miss Midnightville goes to Diana Grayson."

Writer: Tony Blake & Paul Jackson
Director: Joseph L. Scanlan

Special Guest Star
Jeff PhillipsWhip Morgan
Guest Stars
Annabella PriceBetty O'Donnell
Jane SibbettDiana Grayson
Jeff DoucetteSheriff Hyde
Edith FieldsMrs. Van Allen
Morgan HunterMr. Cross
Don Keith OpperRiley

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