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Originally Aired 9/10/93

Ch. 1 - No Man's Land
Ch. 2 - Tanks For The Memories

The Professor finds an injured Brisco and takes him to the nearest town for help. The town turns out to be populated completely by women. Trouble soon comes in the form of the Swill brothers.

Brisco gets to settle a score with a ghost from his past. He also has to deal with an ally's unexpected link to Bly. The town of only woman impresses Brisco in that the people there are making a better life for themselves, not a crazy idea at all. The town, or more accurately - the Schwenke Sisters, also impresses Professor Wickwire. Before riding out, Brisco leaves an address to "send what's left of him after the Schwenke Sisters are through with him". Bowler also goes soft on us again - a nice touch. Finally, we see Brisco use the future to battle the future, an on going theme throughout the show.

Brisco saves a little girl.
Wickwire's Amazing Rocket Car.
Sherif Jenny in the old days.
Blueprint for the Mobile Battle Wagon.

Brisco Almost Buys The Farm By:

  • Being Blown up while saving a little girl.
  • Nearly being shot by the Swills and then falling down a ridge.
  • Lying unconscious on a rail track and nearly being run down by Professor Wickwire's Amazing Rocket Car.
  • Just about shot by Swills (again) while crawling under a building.
  • Being blasted by the mobile battle wagon.


  • The Swill Brothers meet along the trail.
    Phil: "So - uh - Gil, its good to see you again. What you got cookin'?"
    Gil: "We're moving to the big time. You remember our cousin Ed?"
    Bill: "The one that married Aunt Merriam?"
    Phil: "I thought he married his mother."
    Bill: "That's what I said."
    Gil: "'Till recently, Ed was one of the Army's top test drivers. The man is fearless!"
    Phil: "You have to be fearless to marry you mother."

Writer: Tom Chehak
Director: Kim Manners

Special Guest Stars
John AstinProfessor Albert Wickwire
Denise CrosbySheriff Jenny Taylor
Guest Stars
Denis ForestWill Swill
Brook Susan ParkerK.C.
Jeremy RobertsBill Swill
Judson ScottGil Swill
Tracey WalterPhil Swill
Corey EversonKatrina Schwenke
Cameo KneuerIlsa Schwenke
Shareen J. MitchellDr. Quintano
Tegan WestEd Swill

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