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Originally Aired 9/24/93

Ch. 1 - Get The Drop, Tie 'Em Up, Shoot 'Em Dead, Rawhide
Ch. 2 - Tight Ropes and Sunken Hopes

When Brisco catches a man whom he believes is a member of John Bly's gang, the man swears to being a different Jack Randolph. Things are further complicated when Socrates' lawyer sister arrives to defend the man.

Brisco discusses Professor Wickwire's Amazing Innerspace Suite and other coming things.
Bowler finds Graves End.
Out with the bad air - in with the good.
Bowler after he finds the Bee farm!

Writer: Chris Ruppenthal
Director: Greg Beeman

Special Guest Stars
John AstinProfessor Albert Wickwire
Judith HoagIphigenia Poole
John Pyper-FergusonPete Hutter
William RussJack Randolph
Guest Stars
Ashby AdamsU.S. Attorney Breakstone
Yvette NiparEllie

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