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Originally Aired 10/1/93

Ch. 1 - Rushin' Roulette
Ch. 2 - Bone Dry

Socrates sends out an S.O.S. to Brisco when he loses Westerfield Club money to Brett Bones, a member of John Bly's gang, in a poker game. Brisco, Bowler, Socrates and Wylie set up a scam to get the money back and put Bones in prison. Dixie shows up, but is she friend or foe?

Everyone is playing a role in this con job to snare Bones - some of which we aren't let in on until later in the show. Dixie arrives unexpectedly and puts a interesting spin on things (as she usually does). Enjoy the con!

Old Man River rolls on.
Roscoe returns!
Dixie plays her role.
Soc sets up Brett.
A dangerous game of chance!
"Big Daddy" Bowler wins!

Brisco Almost Folds His Hand By:

  • Shot in a gun fight with a band of thugs.
  • Catches a hatchet the hard way.

Coming Things:

  • Denim jeans.
  • "Float like a butterfly" boxing style.


  • Brisco talking to comment after he comes out with his new clothes - talking about his sidearm:
    Brisco: "Doesn't go does it? Doesn't matter. I can do this one without my gun."

  • Seeing Mr. Hatchet after an close encounter the night before:
    Brisco: "How's it going Hatchet? Miss me?"
    Hatchet: "By a couple of inches..."

Writer: John Warren
Director: Fred Gerber

Special Guest Stars
Kelly RutherfordDixie Cousins
Xander BerkeleyBrett Bones
Guest Stars
Monte' RussellWylie Turner
Don StroudHatchet

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