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Originally Aired 10/8/93

Ch. 1 - Quick Sands of Time
Ch. 2 - A Pile of Dynamite, a Keg of Wine, and Thou

Brisco and Bowler try to capture Blackbeard LaCutte, a Bly gang member, who has stolen all of a town's supplies, including the medicine needed to save a sick boy.

I LOVE old pirate movies! In fact, if I didn't spend all my time on this single bastion of Bricocity on the web, i would have a pirate movie archive for the world to enjoy - but pirates in the Old West!?!?!?! Sure! Why not? This is kind of a goofy episode (but that's why we love the show anyway). It also has a warm-fuzzy your folks should be your heros theme that runs through it.

Now THAT is what I call a Warwagon!
Bowler on the trail.
Yo-Ho Yo-Ho a pirate's life for me!
Lacutte's unstoppable warship.
Brisco gets the drop on Lacutte.
Blackbeard on the way to Davey Jones.

Brisco Almost Walks The Plank:

  • Going down in quicksand.
  • Chopped up by Lacutte in a Sword fight.
  • Blown up by a gunpowder trap.


  • While tied up and sinking into quicksand:
    Brisco: "Hold still! I'm gonna try to cut through the rope.""
    Bowler: "Well, don't cut nothing else. If I'm gonna die, I wanna die in one piece!"

Writer: Richard Outten
Director: Daniel Attias

Guest Stars
Andrew DivoffBlackbeard LaCutte
John WalcuttClayton Sims
Robert O' ReillySketch
Janel MoloneyMary Sims
Adam WylieCharlie Sims
Yvette NiparEllie
James GreeneMr. Cartwright

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