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The following is a sidebar from the article "Back In The Saddle Again" by Randee Dawn. The article is an interview with Jeff Phillips while he was playing Matt Cory on ANOTHER WORLD.

It's a long way from portraying lady-killer cowpoke Whip Morgan to playing trust-fund baby Matt Cory, but sometimes, Jeff Phillips still has some of the old grit he got from his days on the set of THE ADVENTURES OF BRISCO COUNTY, JR. under his nails. A period Western comedy full of intentional anachronisms and modern-day humor (think XENA in the Wild West), BRISCO was, says Phillips, "A real fun run."

It should have been: Phillips got to play cowboy every day, galloping across the plains on horseback, while making sure that his hat stayed firmly on his head. "Originally, I came in to do one episode, and they asked me to stay." But, recalls Phillips, "It wasn't as hard as doing daytime. On BRISCO, there would be like, 30 pages of action."

He remained for the rest of the 1994 season, and still fondly recalls the humor of the show. "I did one episode called 'Hard Rock,'" says Phillips, "and while we're walking through town, we see this part of a wagon sticking out of the roof of a hotel -- just like at the Hard Rock Cafe. And one time, we walked up to a smashed-in window of a restaurant and ordered our food, and Brisco would say something like, 'Well, I think it would be better if you could just get on your horse and ride up.' It was like the inception of the drive-through, which wouldn't come into fashion for 70 years after that. Brilliant, man. Those guys had the stupidest sense of humor, and it was a great cast, really good times."

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