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File My Claim

Dixie's, and Socrates', favorite tune. This is the version performed in the Brisco in Jalisco episode.

I've looked around the country and I've seen it all
And what I want, I'm ready to name
Its big, hansom, six feet tall
I'm gonna file my claim

I've struck a real bonanza and he's rough and rash
but what he's got, I'm ready to tame
He's worth a fancy fortune, but its not in cash
I'm gonna file my claim

I've got the fever, oooo the fever
but not for gold in the ground
I've bought the title to something vital
I could throw my fences around

ABCD - who's gonna file me under love?

There ain't a man alive that wouldn't trade his gold
or what it takes to stay in the game
so have your fun and spend it before you get to old
who's gonna help me - help me, help me -
who's gonna help me file my claim - tonight?

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