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This is the place to find all the other stuff I can get my hands on. If you have any photos, interviews or articles, please submit them to be posted.

Here is an article from the 11th Hour e-zine on "dead-shows" that should have caught on!

Rebecca was kind enough to send in this interview with Jeff Phillips (Whip Morgan) from Soap Opera Digest.

She also sent this an interview with Kim Manners from Starlog.

Here's a 1994 AOL interview with Bruce.

Charles McGrew did an interview also in 1996. Make sure to check out his Brisco site. Get there from the links page.

An article on Kelly Rutherford from The Los Angeles Times, April 12, 1994.

A article from The Orange County Register about the show, March 31, 1996.

You asked for it, you've got it! By popular demand: here's Dixie's favorite tune, File My Claim.

An article from the LA Times on the use (and reuse) of the Brisco theme song. Read the article.