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Transcript of Bruce Campbell on AoL (America On-Line)

Bruce Campbell was a guest on AoL Friday, 4/22. It is basically a symposium where people could ask Bruce questions and he would answer back. The following is the transcript from that symposium.

OnlineHost: Copyright 1994 America Online, Inc. All rights reserved.
OnlineHost: Your host tonight is JackDL!
OnlineHost: He served behind the scenes as executive producer of the biker yarn "Easy Wheels" and producer of "Lunatics: A Love Story," saving his voice for an off-camera stint as a "screamer" for Universal's "Darkman". Bruce Campbell is a man of many talents. His interest in show business began at an early age when his father performed live in "The Pajama Game" and he learned adults COULD laugh and have fun!

OnlineHost: Bruce has faced vampires, serial killers and various creatures dead and undead yet the star and sometimes writer/producer of genre classics such as "Evil Dead" is now facing the most hideous monster he ever encountered. His film-making career began in 1979 when he, along with friends Sam Raimi and Rob Talpert, raised $350,000 to produce "Evil Dead", a film in which he starred and produced.

OnlineHost: "In the late '70s, low budget movies could still get a theatrical release," says Campbell, "but with the explosion of video, these films all but disappeared from the theaters. 'Evil Dead' was, no pun intended, the last of a dying breed." Now meet the man whose film (Evil Dead) beat out Stephen King's "The Shining" as England's best-selling video of 1983, Bruce Campbell!

JackDL: Welcome, Mr. Campbell!
JackDL: Before we go to the questions, do you have any opening thoughts?
BruceCambl: Gee, thanks! Hello to all of you out there in modem land!
BruceCambl: Yes, I'd like to give the folks a quick address where they can write for autographs if they'd like.
JackDL: Sounds like a great idea!
BruceCambl: It is: Fox Broadcasting (attn: Me!) P.O. Box 900 Beverly Hills, Ca. 90213.
BruceCambl: Let the games begin!

JackDL: Here is your first Question:
Question: Are you through filming for this season?
BruceCambl: Yes, we just finished the end of March--whew!

Question: Will you do another Evil Dead movie?
BruceCambl: Yes, when -ell freezes over! I'm just kidding, but they are hard to make and didn't make that much money...

Question: Bruce, do you get along as well with Comet as Brisco does?
BruceCambl: Well, it depends on the horse...I like the main horse (copper) a lot, but the other "trick" horses don't always like me that much, so I have to slip them a green apple every now and then...

Question: Is Bruce Campbell more like Ash or more like Brisco?
BruceCambl: It depends on which side of the bed I wake up on...if I've had a good breakfast it's Brisco...if I've been deprived of sleep and an education, it's Ash...

Question: How did you make the leap from starring in gore films like Evil Dead to doing a light, satirical western like The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.?
BruceCambl: I auditioned! My background actually helped me get the part, because I could show a lot of stunts, etc. that I did to the producers...

Question: Will the steady income from The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. allow you to produce more of your own films..like you did with Evil Dead?
BruceCambl: Boy I sure hope so...I would really like to do that again...but another couple of seasons would help this dream come true...

Question: What brings Bruce here? Is he a computer person offstage?
BruceCambl: Well, sorta...I did this once on "Prodigy" and it was fun. You folks also represent a new category of viewers that cannot be ignored.

Question: How do you feel when you hear people refer to Evil Dead as a cult classic? And did you have any idea it would become one would you made it?
BruceCambl: I feel kinda good about the cult classic thing. No, I didn't know it would become known as such. At the time, we just tried to make a film that wouldn't get ground up in the competition.

Question: What will you be doing during the hiatus?
BruceCambl: Sleeeeeeeeping....camping....writing...resting....getting some new projects in shape.

Comment : Hi Bruce! I just wanted to let you know that I'm Principal of Dead Earth Productions; we run live horror role-playing games here in the Bay Area, CA. You have a standing invitation to our games--we'd like to give back a little of what you've given us.
BruceCambl: Gee that's swell, I'll look you up when I get up there.

Question: The stuff Ash has to go through in the Evil Dead / Army of Darkness movies is intense...do you do your own stunts, or what portion do you do?
BruceCambl: I do about 75% of my own stuff. Unfortunately Sam Raimi knows me pretty well, so he pushes me more than most directors will.

Question: Bruce, I recently became a fan of yours when I started to watch BC, J. My question is, do Boam and Cuse plan on getting rid of Julius Carry in favor of "Whip?" Say it ain't so!
BruceCambl: It AIN'T SO!!!!!!

Question: How many shows have you done?
BruceCambl: 26, plus the two hour pilot.

Question: Is FOX considering canceling The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. or is it a rumor?
BruceCambl: I honestly don't know. Keep those cards and letters coming. We'll get the official word 5/24.

Question: In Evil Dead...were you scared when that girl was after you? Just kidding...but seriously...how did you do such good special effects considering the budget?
BruceCambl: Sam Raimi comes from the world of Magic. He is a master of slight- of-hand and uses old magic tricks to fool the audience.

Question: What advice would you give an actor trying to make it in the competitive world of show business?
BruceCambl: Become a Producer and give yourself the part and I'm SERIOUS!

Question: Bruce, I've got a friend at work who watches Brisco County religiously. He's very interested in getting an "Orb" for himself so he can be young again. Any hints I can give 'em?
BruceCambl: Get a life...

Question: Are you going to be involved in any new projects with Sam Raimi?
BruceCambl: Well, I did a cameo in his next film "Quick and the Dead," but beyond that I don't know-let's hope!

Question: What were your first impressions when you realized that Brisco County Jr. was going to be a Western with Science Fiction included in it?
BruceCambl: I figured what the heck? It was developed by Boam and Cuse so I knew it had to be cool.

Question: Bruce, what new movie projects are you workin' on?
BruceCambl: I'm writing and/or having stuff written that I have always not looking at stuff until I hear the word about the show.

Question: Why isn't the theme song for the show as good as the theme song for the previews?
BruceCambl: Because the ad guys use stuff that fits a fast clip, not the ilk of the show.

Question: What are some of your OTHER interests, besides acting?
BruceCambl: Backpacking, wilderness journeys, etc. Getting away from humanity...

Question: Why Fox instead of a regular network?
BruceCambl: Because they gave me the job.

Question: How's Comet?
BruceCambl: Fine, I'll tell him you miss him.

Question: Bruce, I'm a big fan of your show. With the science fiction element thrown in, was there any intent by the writers/producers to pay homage at all to another such program from the 60s, The Wild Wild West??
BruceCambl: I don't think it was deliberate, but every show or film pulls from other stuff already done I think.

Question: What did you think of the response to the TV guide sos poll?
BruceCambl: I think it's fantastic, it's just too bad that our show always has to be referenced like that.

Question: My wife really likes the show and wants to know how much time you spend training with Comet to get the stunts right? I want to know if it hurts!
BruceCambl: The pain goes away on pay day. I spend as much time as I can between shots.

Question: How did you feel about the part you played in the film "Waxwork II: Lost In Time?"
BruceCambl: It was silly, but the director Anthony Hickox is a pal of mine and he let's me do anything I want--like overact. There's a lot to be said for that every now and then.

Question: Hi, Bruce. You're on a cowboy show. Who were your heroes as a kid?
BruceCambl: Batman, Gilligan and Sad Sack I'm sorry to say. Oh, yeah and Steve McQueen, but he didn't answer my fan letters?

Question: Unfortunately we missed you at the MOC SF convention in SC last month. What'd you think of it? Was it your first con, and more important, ARE YOU DOING MORE?? (Hint, hint!!)
BruceCambl: I was, let's just say...it was very...well, it was interesting...

Question: Which of the Evil Dead movies did you find most effective, and which was more enjoyable to work on?
BruceCambl: Evil Dead II will always have a special place in my heart. It hit a weird connection between horror and comedy. It was really hard to do though. "Army" was hard too and was satisfying because of Sam, but there were more studio politic s involved on that one.

Question: How much say do you have in regards to program content?
BruceCambl: I have complaint rights and the producers have been very cool. I have no major complaints other than the fact that we have to do Brisco in seven days.

Question: How did you manage to get Bridget Fonda to do the cameo in "ARMY OF DARKNESS"?
BruceCambl: She was a fan I guess. She called up and asked for a part. What were we gonna do, say no?

Question: Can you explain why the continuity problems between each of the Evil dead movies?
BruceCambl: The rights to each of the films were hard to sort out so we had to re-shoot the re-caps for each one and hence the confusion, I think...

Question: Will the Orb be featured in any more episodes?
BruceCambl: No, that sucker is gone...

Question: When did you start riding horses- before acting or as a consequence of an acting role?
BruceCambl: As a consequence of acting. I learned for "Army of Darkness" but re-learned for Brisco.

Question: Where do you film Brisco? Old Tucson?
BruceCambl: I wish. How about old Warner Brothers!

Question: What happened with The Dead Next Door?
BruceCambl: It's out there in video land. Just try and find it if you can!

Question: The one liners in "evil dead" and "army" were great, did you write them?
BruceCambl: Occasionally. They were mainly the brainchild of Sam and we'd refine them together sometimes.

Question: Is that whole plot line with the mysterious orb resolved? What are you doing now?
BruceCambl: The orb is resolved. Bowler and I will now be working directly for the President (Wild Wild West watch out!) and we will be sent on missions by him.

Question: What kind of music do you like?
BruceCambl: I'm a fuddy duddy when it comes to music. Give me Cat Stevens or Jim Croce any day. I also like western mx.

Question: Bruce will Brisco and Dixie ever marry?
BruceCambl: No, because viewers will lose interest if they do.

Question: Which was your favorite episode?
BruceCambl: I think either the one where I get killed or the one where Bowler gets killed. Take your pick, the dying thing always works.

Question: Does your production company shoot on film and then edit on laser disk like Murphy Brown? What are the advantages of your particular production techniques?
BruceCambl: We shoot single camera 35mm film and edit digitally. The advantages are a good looking product that can be done quickly.

Question: What is the address we can send letters to to show support for the show?
BruceCambl: Just look in the transcript and you'll find it there!

Question: Hi Bruce I am a very big fan of yours and "Brisco's". My son-in-law Bill and I have actively joined the campaign to help save "Brisco". It is such a great family show and just plain fun to watch. We have a suggestion for a future story line. Brisco is often compared with Wild, Wild West." How 'bout bringing James West on in a cameo?
BruceCambl: How about telling the producers that? I'm sure they'd consider it... although WW WEST was a different time period if you mean to pair them up historically.

Question: They are looking for a new 007. Ever thought of that role?
BruceCambl: Sure, but I don't get offered that stuff just yet. Call Cubby broccoli and tell him!

Question: Do you think Fox is going to pick up the series for another year? If not, might Warners go to direct syndication?
BruceCambl: I don't know just yet. Who know what lurks in the minds of the big shot studios. I hope so...

Question: How did you get the role in the Huddsucker Proxy? (Aside from the obvious)
BruceCambl: Joel Coen was the assistant editor of the first Evil dead film so we have an affiliation.

Question: With the pending decision coming, are you surprised by the fan support?
BruceCambl: No, but gratified certainly.

Question: Bruce, how old were you when you made your first movie and what was it?
BruceCambl: I was 21 and it was a gore-fest called "Evil Dead"

Question: Are you good with a chain saw?
BruceCambl: Want to come over and find out?

Question: What's it like working with Kelly Rutherford and your other cast members? What are your goals as an actor? More TV or Features?
BruceCambl: Kelly is as incredible as she seems on the screen. Everyone else is just swell and I mean it. We get along well and I think it shows. My goals as an actor are to not be just an actor...

Question: How do you manage to keep a straight face while saying such silly things on Brisco?
BruceCambl: By reminding myself that I haven't memorized the lines to the next scene we are about to shoot.

Question: Will Bowler ever lighten up, will Socrates ever get a woman who won't try to kill him? Inquiring minds want to know .
BruceCambl: Bowler will never lighten up--that's the beauty. Soc needs to be tormented remember.

Question: How was it to act with Timothy Leary?
BruceCambl: Man, oh man, let me tell you. I think you can just guess.

Question: Do you plan to focus more on TV. or film?
BruceCambl: I don't really know. This TV thing is new to me. It's a world I would like to explore.

Question: OK, I'll bite. What kind of an education DO you have? It's my wife who wants to know again!
BruceCambl: I dropped out of college after the first half semester. What can I say, I got antsy...

Question: Who else competed for the role of Brisco?
BruceCambl: About a million others. None that I know by name however.

Question: Do you subscribe to an online service? You have two folders on AOL.
BruceCambl: I am usually a casual user. I don't have a current subscription to any service, but hmmmm...

Question: Do you watch your episodes on television like the rest of us or do you have a special screening?
BruceCambl: Unfortunately, until recently, I have worked during the shows, so I huddle up next to the small TV by the sound man and we watch in-between shots.

Question: Will Lee Ermy be returning as your father anytime?
BruceCambl: It could be, but I'm not aware of specific plans. He's a swell guy.

Question: What age group is your show Brisco County Jr. shooting for?
BruceCambl: I don't know exactly. It was originally 18-49 year old men, but I know a lot of kids like it.

Question: Have you had any professional contact with Clive Barker? He keeps talking about doing a movie based on his psychic detective, Harry D'Amour, and you seem like you'd be a good choice for casting...
BruceCambl: I know Clive as a casual acquaintance, but we have never spoken about teaming up together.

Question: Are there any spin-offs in the works from Brisco?
BruceCambl: Heck no, we've got to keep the ship floating first before we have the adventures of Socrates Poole.

Question: Who is going to be the bad guy now that Bly is dead and are you going to get into more of the coming thing?
BruceCambl: Well, we can have any old bad guy now--like good cameos, etc. Terry Bradshaw is an upcoming bad guy in May. The coming thing will always be around.

Question: What would be your next ideal movie role/character?
BruceCambl: Anything that tries to be something special. Either real funny or real scary or lots of action. Just nothing too boring.

Question: How many horses are Comet, and why did they change his picture in the beginning?
BruceCambl: There are about 5 or 6 comets. I don't why they messed with his picture. Maybe he was holding out for more green apples.

Question: Is there an Internet address for FOX so we can send them letters this way as well? (To keep the show in the air)
BruceCambl: There is and you can find it somewhere on the Brisco board.

Question: Even though I didn't see the movie, did the chain saw run out of gas? If so, what happened?

Question: What do you think of "The X Files," Fox's other cult show?
BruceCambl: I think it's swell, but admittedly, I have not seen many episodes.

Question: I have seen the alternate ending to Army of Darkness where you wake up in the future. Is it true there is a third ending and will it be released?
BruceCambl: There is no third ending to Army and WHERE did you get the bootleg?!!!

Question: Bruce, when you're working on a project, do you stick to the script or do you ever ad-lib?
BruceCambl: I ad-lib if it is that kind of environment or if the lines are too awkward to say. Otherwise, I'm a pretty well behaved actor on the set.

Question: I'm unfamiliar with Boam & Cuse. What else have they done that made you know they were "cool"?
BruceCambl: Jeffrey Boam just wrote two of the Lethal Weapon movies and the third Indians Jones film--that's all!

Question: How was it working with Sheena Easton on that one episode?
BruceCambl: Pretty cool. She loosened up after I did my lame Sean Connery imitation for her.

Question: On the average, how long does each individual episode take to film?
BruceCambl: Only seven days. About 9-13 pages a day. Believe me, it's FAST!

Question: What about live theater, anything now or in the future?
BruceCambl: I come from that world, but it takes a lot of time. maybe I'll get back to that a while from now. But right now, I'm on the ol' treadmill.

Question: Would you rather stay with a steady job like BCJ for 5 years or maybe quit after 2-3 to move on?
BruceCambl: It depends on the quality of the show. If it gets stale, then I'm sure my interest will flag. If not, what the heck!

Question: Bruce, I saw your behind the scenes show on E! and was impressed with your gun handling. How long did it take you to master, and do you use authentic six-guns?
BruceCambl: It took me a couple weeks with a gun guy, but there was plenty of time between shots to learn more.

Question: Are you a fan of "the Haunting" the movie the original film that your part in WAXWORKII was based on?
BruceCambl: Yes, I saw it in New York with Sam Raimi. It was a classic use of sound, but no graphic images to scare you.

Question: You resolved the time traveling plots on the show. Will you resolve the plot line with your father's ghost?
BruceCambl: I think the time travel thing is wrapped up. As for my dad, well, we might need him from time to time.

Question: What do you think about animal rights, on, and off the set?
BruceCambl: We are very good to those horses. You can't trip them or anything these days. I have been to some rodeos though and have some reservations about that.

Question: So, if you had an unlimited budget, (we can always dream right?) and could produce any project, what would you do?
BruceCambl: I don't think the budget is the key thing. It's WHAT you want to do. Film is a powerful medium and I'd like to see it used for a greater good!

Question: Have you been in any movies that didn't make it ... at all?
BruceCambl: I've been in plenty of stinkers if that's what you mean. Just check your local video store.

Question: Do you do voice over work?
BruceCambl: I've dubbed in the voice for some actors on low budget movies, but Delta Airlines hasn't called yet.

JackDL: Several people are wondering if you are a ghost typist? Any comment?
BruceCambl: No, all of the lame spelling is mine. I have no STUNT typist!

Question: How did you get started in acting?
BruceCambl: Because my Dad hated his job. He got interested in community theater as a diversion and I sort of followed and got his blessing.

Question: Babycakes wants to know if you're married...! And where were you born?
BruceCambl: I am a married fool and I was born in Royal Oak, Mi. a suburb of scenic Detroit.

Question: So far your career has taken you a few different genres of film, do you have a favorite to act in and a favorite to watch?
BruceCambl: It was the most fun being in "Army of darkness" and my favorite film is "Bridge Over the River Kwai".

Question: Would you ever consider writing an episode of Brisco, or creating another series for yourself?
BruceCambl: Oh, my yes to all of the above. I think I have a pretty good series idea already, stay tuned!

Question: Will Brisco ever find "The Coming Thing?"
BruceCambl: I hope not, because then it won't be coming...

Question: Now that you've been involved in both a regular television series and feature films, do you have a preference?
BruceCambl: I'd like the regular work of TV. but the flexibility of features, so I guess both!

Question: Are you going to give Washington DJ's (WJFK) Don and Mike another shot on your show?
BruceCambl: Sure, unless they get me upset...

Question: Are there any plans for you to do a sequel to Darkman?
BruceCambl: Well, you've have to ask Mr. Raimi that one. Actually, there are two more "Darkman's" coming straight to video...

Question: With more and more emphasis being placed on special effects, do you feel that it is taking away from the story line and depth of the movie?
BruceCambl: Special effect always need to take the back seat. Story rules!!!!

Question: What kind of gun do you carry as Brisco?
BruceCambl: A Colt .45 replica made in Italy. Go figure.

Question: What is his ethnic background?...Scottish?
BruceCambl: Yes. I was named after King Robert the bruce in Scotland.

Question: How good of a shot are you really?
BruceCambl: I don't know, all of the bullets are fake!

Question: Bruce, when will we be seeing any Brisco merchandise...t-shirts, toys, etc.?
BruceCambl: The second season. Manufacturers want to make sure you aren't just a flash in the pan.

Question: How did you learn to get beat up so well? You do it phenomenally.
BruceCambl: It's easy to get beaten up, it's harder to say dialogue. That's what scares me.

Question: Has Sam Raimi ever appeared on "Brisco"? If not, will you pull some strings?
BruceCambl: I'll put the call in right now.

Question: row is curious about how much Comet makes. More or less than humans?
BruceCambl: Much, much less.

Question: Bruce, you sound as though you are the same same person on screen as off screen i.e. personality and humor. Would you judge yourself that way?
BruceCambl: Sort of. You always have to foam inject a little of yourself into the characters you play of you can go mad, know what I mean-jelly bean?

Question: Do you have an actress you would like to see guest star on Brisco?
BruceCambl: Yes, Bridgett Fonda or Jennifer Jason Leigh!

Question: What do you see yourself doing in ten years. Do you like television work over movies?
BruceCambl: I see myself swinging in a hammock, overlooking a vast, unspoiled wilderness. Then I'll wake up...

Question: Why were the words "Klatu, Verata, Nickto" from the film, "The Day The Earth Stood Still" used in "Army..."?
BruceCambl: Because we wanted to wink at all of the Sci-Fi gang out there. See, you noticed it.

Question: I liked the professor...John Austin...is he coming back?
BruceCambl: Yes, we have a great two-parter where he returns with the "Mother of all inventions."

Question: Do you have any thought or comments on the fact that the Brisco County Jr. show rated high on the list for television violence?
BruceCambl: Yeah, but I'm too much of a gentleman to response the way I want to. The episode they judged was a boxing episode! They counted every punch as a violent act. C'mon already!

Question: Did you end up with a phobia of shelves after filming ED I&2? Did Sam say things like, "Bruce, why don't you pull that shelf onto yourself...AGAIN!"
BruceCambl: You are a very funny person.

Question: Which Darren did you like on Bewitched? The first one or the second??
BruceCambl: I don't know, I was always watching "My Mother the Car."

Question: Brisco's relationship with Bowler & Sock is very natural and believable. Are you friends off-camera?
BruceCambl: Yeah, but it's not like we're fishing buddies. We spent a LOT of time together and we respect each other's private life.

Question: Bruce, do you ever watch Mystery Science Theater 3000? What other movies/shows do you watch?
BruceCambl: The last TV. I watched that I liked was "The Larry Sanders Show" and the last film I liked was....

Question: Is there an out take reel? What is the best out take/blooper you can remember?
BruceCambl: Unfortunately, I could tell you some generically lame "funny" story, but most of the bloopers are only funny to the other cast and crew members. I wish they would keep track of the good stuff though, but they don't.

Question: Any thoughts about violence on TV causing violence in society?
BruceCambl: It's kind of like the chicken and the egg, ya know? I'm a big fan of self-government.

Question: Bruce are you active on the internet and if you are do you have an internet address?
BruceCambl: I'm an internet orphan. I currently am electronically homeless.

Question: Have you ever thought about appearing on Star Trek TNG?
BruceCambl: Yeah, but it's not like I can call them up like Whoopi and say "How about that part, guys?"

Question: Have you ever gotten hurt doing stunts in the show?
BruceCambl: Not on Brisco. I only hurt when the ratings are low. Like, for example. All of you west coasters should sign off, get a Neilson box installed in your house and tune in to Brisco.

JackDL: Several audience members would like to know the airdate of the season finale...
BruceCambl: Second week in May. It's a two-parter. And a real barn burner if you know what I mean?

Question: How many 'new episodes' are in the can already??
BruceCambl: Over the next month, there will be about 4 new ones coming. Check your local listings.

Question: Bruce; I have to tell you; my daughter calls your show "Christian County Jr." Tell Clemenson that, okay?
BruceCambl: Okay, okay...

Question: I remember watching you on a British documentary on Sam where yall started out making 3 Stooges style home movies. Any desire to do a straight comedy?
BruceCambl: Sure. That day will come.

Question: Did you ever realize the many similarities between Brisco County Jr. and Mel Brooks Blazing Saddles?
BruceCambl: Yeah, but we don't wink at the camera or break the imaginary fourth wall like Mel did.

Question: Is the season ending with a cliffhanger? If so, can you give us some hints about it?
BruceCambl: All I can tell you is...Zeopplin! (sp?)

Question: Have you ever been on a game show or talk show?
BruceCambl: Just Jay Leno.

Question: Will you ever have your real-life children appear in cameos on Brisco?
BruceCambl: I don't think so, I kind of want to keep that part separate. Unless, they bug me a lot.

Question: You mentioned overacting before...who are some of your favorite over actors...Nicholas Cage, William Shatner, Charlton Heston...?
BruceCambl: Definitely Mr. Shatner. "Spock...get...my...people...out of there!"

Question: It seems like Chris's role is getting smaller. Are they tinkering with Socrates?
BruceCambl: Naw, he'll always be around. He's an excellent actor that can be tapped DEEPLY.

Question: Will Brisco go into the future in any shows?
BruceCambl: No, I think we've been through all that time stuff.

Question: I've heard that that shot through the woods into the cabin (in Evil Dead II) was done by simply mounting the camera in the center of a board... and then carried by a person on each end of the board? Is this true?
BruceCambl: Yes, it was done very simply. Sometimes the simple stuff works better than the elaborate stuff.

Question: Are the two young "cowboys" in the closing credits related to the Boam/Cuse team?
BruceCambl: Yes, they are the sons of Boam and Cuse.

Question: Would "Brisco" have been better off as a syndicated series?
BruceCambl: I don't know, that's question for the TV gurus.

Question: Is it just me or has Sneaky Pete Hutter been killed more times than imaginable? Will he ever stay down??!!
BruceCambl: I think it's now a running gag that might just stay.

Question: Any chance of Bly coming back? Please say yes.....
BruceCambl: In your dreams. My job is to get my man (or Woman) and I got the sucker.

Question: Any directors you'd like to work with??
BruceCambl: Yeah, like Oliver Stone and Scorcese. You know, the big shots, but I'm not gonna hold my breath.

Question: You would make a fantastic guest immortal on the "Highlander" series. Would you be interested if approached, and would your contract allow guest appearances on non FOX/Warner TV shows?
BruceCambl: I'm a slave to Warner and Fox for now.

Question: I've seen a director's cut of "Army of Darkness" on bootleg cassette. What happened?
BruceCambl: Well, the studio felt we needed to put on a "Happy" ending and trim the thing a bit-by about 15 min.

Question: Have you ever been approached with an interesting script to portray a comic book character ( the thought of you playing the part of the Marvel comic's character Nick Fury has crossed my mind)?
BruceCambl: It has just started to happen. I heard whispers about Mask and Plastic man and Phantom and stuff like that, but nothing definite yet.

Question: Why haven't we seen you on Tales from the Crypt yet?
BruceCambl: Because I've been jammed the last 4 years doing stuff!

Question: What sports/activities do you use to stay in shape?
BruceCambl: I ride the stationery bike while I watch "Dailies" and riding horses keeps you fit enough. Backpacking will really do the trick, though.

Question: Do you get a little P.O.ed at the fact that Fox puts a spot for The X-Files on every two minutes, while your show doesn't get as much ad time?
BruceCambl: Well, it's a Fox generated show, so you've got to cut them some slack. They're also doing better in the ol' ratings than us.

Question: How did you like working with Tony Gardner the make up fx man on living dead?
BruceCambl: He's a nice, unassuming talented guy who has worked his butt off. He deserves everything he's been able to accomplish.

Question: I love the show so I don't want to criticize but how do you explain traveling hundreds of miles without being 100.
BruceCambl: Well, what can I say, I'm riding Comet after all!

Question: Do you fear a following like the Dukes of Hazard or BJ and the Bear?
BruceCambl: Uh, well, I never really thought of it that way...worse things could happen I suppose, like being hit by a truck...

Question: Are you any relation to another actor, such as William Campbell?
BruceCambl: No, sorry, no relation. Maybe way back in Scotland or something...

Question: In 1 scene Bowler got a new hat and left the price tag on. Was that a Minnie Pearl tribute or a ref to the new fad?
BruceCambl: I don't recall that scene--which episode? Naw, don't answer that,... I'll ask him.

Question: Do you shop at S-Mart, or do you go for cheap imitations?
BruceCambl: Remember, shop smart, shop S-MART!!

OnlineHost: Time is up for this event!
JackDL: Any last comments, Mr. Campbell?
BruceCambl: Yeah, I'm gonna sign off, but I'd like to thank you all for taking the time to log on and sit though this little symposium. Never forget the power of the individual. You comments DO matter and occasionally, your support makes a difference. I appreciate every letter I get, every call, every verbal reinforcement. Keep up the great support and I'll see you in the movies. Stay tuned!

JackDL: Thank you for joining us tonight! It was an honor having you here! Feel free to return any time! And thanks to the audience, too! Good night everyone!

OnlineHost: Thanks for joining our special guest, Bruce Campbell for a look into his exciting life as an actor, writer/producer and his work in some of the most 'horrific' films ever to hit the silver screen. If you missed any of this exciting event, be sure to watch (over your shoulders) for its equally exciting transcript within a few days. Use keyword: "CENTER STAGE". Thank you; good night!

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